Saturday, March 29, 2014


I said it dozens of time and saying it again, style are ever modifying. New changes the old. trends come and trends go but there are some trends that people never get exhausted off. These trends are timeless and style option that look excellent on anyone. You can adhere to such sustained trends again and again because they never go out of style. Here are a few and you tell us if you agree or not!
Red lips::
The trend of red lipstick is nothing new. We can name you dozen of celebrities that makes this trend hot  on and off the red carpet. And if you are a fashion lover or better yet, a fashionista then you know the traditional red lips are the style of many famous fashionable women. A variety of lipstick shades come in and out of style and will keep ruling the fashion world and what can I say, it is a classic!
earring-divineDiamonds are forever they say and if it is not the truth than what is ? They are a gal best friend and I guess, it will always be the option of most women. When the gemstones became the aspect of style and most talked about it also became permanently precious among men and women.
Animal Prints: 
moncler-gamme-rouge-spring (1)Prints in general though are so out there. Animal printing has been there for as long as tribes existed from Africa, Asia and exported by Europeans  in the 18th century to still be at its primer in fashion. The Moncler Gamme Rouge Spring 2014 took prints to the next level. The animal prints are amazing and can be used at any time regardless of season.
White and Black Stripes:
stripesIf you are a curvy woman, we won't go add it again stressing out that you too can make the stripes or prints look fabulous! The mixture of black and white-colored is ideal for any event. Whether it is business meeting, date or night party the black and white striped clothing makes style declaration.
Black glasses:
GG3623_K_S_gucci_new_ad_campaign_sunglassesYou may say otherwise but black glasses no matter what you are wearing will add more appeal to your personality. The most convenient, practical and stylish.
Button down Shirt:
a8137e1e286ddd8f9adebd44bb51e27cThe idea maybe not more appealing than having your mate shirt on your back but wait till you try on one you will see that button down tops are excellent and can be used in any event. You can wear it with denims, formal trousers, short or skirt. stylish belts, blazer or with vests also and look trendier.
Denim Jeans:
u5 (1)Denim, denim, denim jeans have been in styles for years. Team it with any top or clothing for a different look. It would never be the waste of money to invest in denims that is amazing.
Black Stiletto:
black-stiletto-high-heels-pumps-women-shoes-fashionBlack stilettos have always looked elegant, innovative and stylish and will continue to be in style for the coming decades. Black stilettos go with every kind of putting on a costume and look super sexy with black clothing.
Pencil Skirt:
Whether you are planning on wearing a pencil skirt for office meetings, parties, you can make your dress stylish and flexible by changing tops with it. Since pencil Skirt never goes out of fashion, investing in one, is worth it.
Leather Bags:
Latest-HUB-Handbags-Fashion-2013-2014-For-Women-1Leather purses are elegant and stylish. The multiple sizes and colors of Leather purses look excellent with any kind of dress but there is an ideal for every occasion. You pretty much have to play mix and match to figure out which one will complement your outfit but one good casual leather bag can go a long way.

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