Monday, March 17, 2014


Nothing to make a fuss about. Fashion is not only for the runway, let's face it, it is everywhere and I mean everywhere. Almost pretty lame to  put emphasis on but I was just thinking of some No nos and some laughs I had during the course of my life and the puzzling mixed of confusion stares I gave because of some weird styles I saw but nonetheless, we live in a world somewhat free of expression so, no worries, I was never rude to what I did not understood.
"The hijab has become much popular among women these days as a fashionable and trendy garment which not only gives style and class but also modest look to the personality. Many hijab styles are being promoted through internet and websites for tying the scarves in the hottest ways and meeting the individual needs and choices. Any hijab style must be adopted according to the culture, religion and age group of woman. The older women carry head scarf or hijab with a style that speaks their culture and heritage while young girls mix both western and eastern techniques to look stylish and fashionable."
If you are about to travel to the Middle East or just converted to Islam or even just curious about different styles they have, search no more. The quality, beauty and style of humility they have is very much that. If I had to have my own business, I think I'd call it: Humility Jab, short for hijab (although Jab might mean something else) but that's just me because they have many different kinds and depending on where you from they have different names for it even different ways to wear it. Like I said above, if you are travelling, just converted or curious about the wear, we sharing what made our hearts beat and I warn you, very stylish!
Let's put our differences aside and if you cannot travel the world, it is okay, just open your mind and get out of your comfort zone and understand and explore who your neighbors are and how they do without having to purchase a plane ticket.
Muslim Hijab Fashion
Hijab Style
Hijab Style
Colorful Hijabs

As you can see it can be fun to wear but we want to hear from you.
What did you think of the colors and few style we shared with you?