Sunday, March 16, 2014


Fast must-do moves to look polished in no time

Applying concealer under your eyes and in the inner corners next to your nose automatically brightens your face. Use a small, flat brush and pat with your finger to blend.
Tip: Weather, stress, sleep, and hormonal changes can affect your skin color, so it’s worth it to have a “wardrobe” of three or four concealer colors—it’ll do                                                                                       more for you than an extra lipstick.
Step 2. Perk up your complexion

mac-raizin-blush-300Blush is the fastest way to look radiant. Choose the formula—powder, cream, or gel—you find easiest to wield, and apply it on the apple of your cheek, sweeping up into the hairline. Lightly blend color vertically with a brush or sponge.


Step 3. Define your eyes
Black mascara  looks great on everyone and makes enough impact that you can skip other eye makeup. Work from the base of lashes to the tip, remembering to roll the brush—it’s the easiest way to separate lashes and avoid clumps.

Step 4. Finish with a soft gloss

Gloss is very flattering as you get older—it draws light to the face and makes your lips look fuller. Opt for one with a subtle shine in a shade or two darker than your natural lip color—going too dark has a minimizing effect. Try Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss ($20;

 Source:  Prevention