Sunday, March 16, 2014


Maybe not refreshing for many and it’s quite understanding, I wouldn't have wanted a classic movie remake either but other race and nationalities do exist and our children need to have something, someone to look up to as well, that resembles them.
There has been plenty of chatter surrounding the remake of the classic film Annie starring Quvenzhané Wallis in the lead role after replacing Willow Smith. The first of what will be many trailers to come for the anticipated musical drama starring Wallis, co-star Jamie Foxx and others.
My sweet freckled, red head original Annie is not forgotten because I am pretty sure I can google it or purchase the DVD somewhere but now, we are in the year 2014, let’s be open minded and welcome the talent of this young girl,  Quvenzhané Wallis equally just as adorable.
“Beasts of the Southern Wild” star Quvenzhane Wallis, 10, plays the little orphan of the musical’s title, while Cameron Diaz plays the nasty Miss Hannigan and Jamie Foxx is Benjamin Stacks (a take on the Daddy Warbucks character, now a wealthy politician running for mayor of New York City).
Try and resist singing along with the familiar tunes in the trailer—“It’s a Hard Knock Life,” for one, and, of course, “Tomorrow.” There’s also dance numbers, plenty of pop culture references and a certain dog named Sandy.
The film’s debut “Annie” will arrive in theaters in Christmas 2014!
                             ANNIE – Official Trailer – In Theaters Christmas 2014!

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