Monday, April 14, 2014

Joe Zee Named Editor in Chief of Yahoo Fashion

joe-zee-embedYahoo news this morning revealed a big shaken-up in the fashion-editor world announcing that Joe Zee will be joining the company as editor-in-chief and executive creative officer of Yahoo Fashion as well as editor at large for Yahoo Beauty, which is being led by Bobbi Brown. There, Zee will lead the vision, creative direction, and development of a new Yahoo Fashion digital magazine. In a statement, the company said that Zee will "bring his sensibility of luxury fashion and accessible cool to Yahoo every day."
“I have always embraced technology and innovation in everything I do — from making a magazine, to executive producing and hosting my television shows, to writing my books. So, the chance to combine all of these passions at Yahoo during a period of tremendous innovation and transformation is a dream,” says Zee in a statement.
Previously, Zee had served as the creative director of ELLE where he will remain until the end of May and start at Yahoo shortly thereafter, a spokesperson for Yahoo said but Of course, casual fashion fans might know him better as a breakout star of The City or from his QVC line. Which ever way you know him, we know Zee will deliver but still we wish him Luck!