Monday, May 12, 2014

3CLIKS : Karma Atchykah

Urban Lounge, in collaboration with Les Productions 4 AM and Great Things Studios is proud to present the seventh webisode 3CLIKS ! Featuring KARMA Atchykah !

For our seventh episode of 3Cliks our featured artist Karma Atchykah! A Quebec rapper of Haitian descent. He grew up in the streets of the West Island of Montreal. Alongside his older brother, former member of MCTR group, where he learned the basics of rap. A hip hop artist who speaks both French and English that he created his own style. A melting pot combining linguistic Haitian and French influences. He released his first album Karma Atchykah Presents the Burbs in 2004, above the maxis The Record and The Honest Truth (2005), then comes Karmapolitain (2009) and Diasporama (2010). Now a veteran of the "game," it has become a staple of the hip-hop scene in Quebec. Listen and share!

Karma Atchykah Chilling

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