Monday, May 19, 2014

Haiti - Social: Call for applications for the contest Miss Haiti 2014

Candidates wishing to enroll in beauty contest Miss Haiti 2014 must submit their documents for registration before June 13, 2014. Remember that the contest Miss Haiti 2014 is open to the 10 departments of the country and the diaspora . St├ęphanie Balmir Villedrouin, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Industries, said that the objective of this great competition is to discover the richness, beauty and capabilities of our land through women. A committee headed Johanne Buteau was established to organize this cultural event and beauty whose grand finale is scheduled Sept. 6, 2014 "I think this project Miss Haiti 2014, as implemented this year , is likely to appeal to the local public and the Diaspora "was glad Ms. Buteau, which states that two finalists will be chosen in each county and in the diaspora. Criteria for selection of Miss Haiti 2014
  • Being Haitian (know the culture and history of the country);
  • Between 18 and 25 years;
  • Be unmarried;
  • Have no children;
  • Having a good physique: height and weight proportional;
  • Minimum size of 170 cm;
  • Have a valid Haitian passport (where be eligible to obtain one);
  • Speak French and Creole;
  • Education: Bachelor Minimum 2;
  • Be available from July to September;
  • Never have committed a crime or asking inappropriate gestures (photographs or films), which may cause embarrassment to the parties if disclosed at a later date;
  • Pay the registration fee of 2,000 gourdes (or 45 fresh dollars U.S.).

Any interested persons may contact the Ministry of Tourism 509-2816-3614 or by sending an email to: S / HaitiLibre