Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jay-Z Opens Luxury 40/40 Bar in Atlanta Airport

The "Holy Grail" rapper has just opened his 40/40 club at the Atlanta airport. Jay-Z’s popular 40/40 night club has received another location, the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta. A spokeswoman that works with Jay-Z, Victoria Hong of Delaware North Companies, detailed that the club is located in the airport's Concourse D concessions area. 

We want to have the same type of feel as the regular 40/40 Club. It’s the airport version of the 40/40 Club,” said Victoria Hong, a partner of Jay’s.”

Director of airport concessions, Paul Browns said they have plans to design a VIP lounge area that will be separate from the sports bar and on a different floor.

While promoting the opening of his Manhattan location, Jay-Z said about the club, “I love sports and wanted to create an environment that is conducive to match my lifestyle, while watching the games at the same time. When we were thinking of a name, we wanted something exclusive-the 40/40 Club in baseball is as exclusive as it gets.” The hot spot located in Manhattan and the Barclay center in Brooklyn, has been designed into a luxury bar exclusive to air ticket holders.