Friday, June 6, 2014

Pharrell apologizes for wearing native headdress on cover of Elle UK

You probably  heard the unfortunate news already, some fans are not too happy with Pharrell over his recent choice of headwear.
For the new issue of Elle UK, it sure was not Pharrell's idea but  clearly someone thought  the idea to have the "Happy" singer wear a Native American headdress,  which some in that community have called insensitive being that the headwear is considered to be sacred garb reserved for chiefs and warriors, grand!  Some even began using the hashtag #NotHappy on Twitter to express their ire over his cultural appropriation with messages that stated, “headdresses are not costumes.”
Pharrell  later understood his part in it and apologized after #NOThappy started showing up on Twitter and comments such as "Native Americans are people, not fashion. Disappointed" piled up on his Facebook page.
 Pharrell, through a rep, said, “I respect and honor every kind of race, background and culture. I am genuinely sorry.”
According to the Washington Post , a note on Elle's site , since removed, read: "[W]e persuaded ELLE Style Award winner Pharrell to trade his Vivienne Westwood mountie hat for a native American feather headdress in his best ever shoot."



Courtesy of Elle UK